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like Lagos Space Programme is a gender-fluid brand based in Nigeria.

Their collections usually involve waits coats tailored

with enough freedom to suit the androgynous fashionista.


Now the brand has chosen to join the list of retailers making masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic but as usual, in true Lagos Space Programme form, these masks are not your ordinary face coverings

Scroll to see their newest creations

Reusable face mask with harness made from archive Post-Adire.

Other gender-fluid brands like the Lagos Space Programme include


– TomboyX

– Radimo

– Lonely Kids club

and soon to be

– Gucci PLC. Gucci creative director, Michele too to a press statement announcing plans to only show in the fall and spring. he seized that opportunity to announce that he will launch a designated shopping section on gucci.com for customers who identify as gender-fluid titled Gucci MX.

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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