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I like to think that everyone knows Willow Smith and her brother, Jaden:

willow smith jaden smith

They are the beautiful yet wonderfully weird offspring of Hollywood legends Will and Jada Smith. Every now and then, the kids remember their celebrity status and do interviews. Usually they just say weird stuff about how education isn’t necessary and instead everyone should just exist (yeah we don’t get it either). But Willow recently appeared in Garage Magazine. Not only was she rant free (she appeared in an effort to stop bullying in the ‘Be Cool, Be Nice’ campaign) but we are totally in love with the images.


willow smith snapchat garage magazine 1


Willow donned Chanel (as a true fifteen year old boss) and took the most gorgeous photos, all topped off and made additionally gorgeous but everyone’s fav snapchat filters.

Snapchat 1


So much wow. And there’s more-

Snapchat 4

Snapchat 5

Snapchat 2

Snapchat 3

Weird or not, you can’t but love Willow. And her crazy brother too.

willow and jaden mesmerizing


Images: Phil Poynter/Garage Magazine