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By Damilola Faustino

What have you allowed fear to take from you?  Was it your dream? Was it your happiness? We all are guilty of giving in to fear at some point in our lives. We all feel fear, but unfortunately fear will always creep back. Fear helps protect us. You feel fear when you are not in a safe place.  It is that emotion telling you to get away quickly because something isn’t right. Fear is our guide, but one that if not managed properly can become our greatest stumbling block to achieving our goals. Here is how to win back what fear has stolen from you:


Stop overthinking what others think

Many of us spend so much time thinking about what others think of us that we allow the fear of what they think, prevent us from going after our dreams. The scary thing is that most people do not even think about you and they do not care. Decide what needs to be done and do it.  The moment you refuse to care about what others think of you is the day you will start to succeed.

Quit procrastinating

We allow fear to keep us procrastinating. We will get to it sometime but now is not the right time. There will never be a perfect time to do anything.  You must be willing to make the time. The most difficult thing to do is to get started. Once you take the first step, you will develop momentum. Keep working even when you do not feel like doing so.

Do not allow fear to tell you that you aren’t good enough

Fear has a way of working in the vulnerable areas of our lives.  Fear knows your weaknesses.  It tries to break down your confidence; it feeds on your insecurities.  You are not the only one with issues.  Yes, you do not know everything nor do you have it all together but if you are prepared to work hard, you will get ahead. You have enough in you to achieve any goal you set for yourself.

Don’t tell yourself you are going to fail

How do you know you are going to fail if you haven’t even made an attempt?  If you haven’t made an attempt then indeed you have failed.  Do not allow the fear of failing to prevent you from going after your dreams.  Give it your best and never quit until you’ve achieved success.

Do not allow fear to tell you that it’s too late

It is never too late to achieve your dreams. If your dream is to go back to school, and you are 50 years old, then it is your time now.  Fear has a way of trying to convince you that the time has run out on you attaining your goals. How can it be too late when the dream is yours, and you haven’t achieved it yet?

Do not let fear tell you that you can’t change

One of the major requirements for achieving one’s goal is the need for flexibility.  You must be willing to change. Change is good, and anyone can change at any time.  You only have to desire the need to change. If you need to get up earlier to study because your goal is to take classes you only need to program your schedule to be able to accommodate your study time. People are constantly changing, and you are changing whether you want to or not so you might as well change to do what you want.

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