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We have a saying around here……..its AbsoLIT!! *wide smile* Ok moving on, we are about the one Vodka brand that represents the Gidi lifestyle. (Which you can win at the end of this) Absolut Vodka is the everybody’s man kind of spirit as  brand that is not too elite, and not too common class. The Lagos Baller can have a bottle on his shelf, and the young hustlers can cop a bottle and say hey…let’s just wild out this weekend.


Founded in Sweden and launched globally in 1979, Absolut Vodka is one of the leading spirit brands worldwide, with many fine flavours in production, which include Raspberry, Vanilla, Mango, Citron, Ruby Red and more.


The holiday season is an Absolut time to kick back and chill so let’s show you a simple cocktail that you can whip up for yourself….or serve to visiting friends…or…someone you are trying to woo. Male or Female.

All you need is a bottle of Absolut, some lime juice, some ginger beer and a lime wedge. Shikena


Don’t forget the ice though. And by the way, we told you we are friends with the Absolut gang right? So we’ve got a bottle going out to you today if you catch us on Instagram @accelerate_tv. If that bottle of Absolut is yours, then come claim it. #AccelerateChristmas

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