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Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes. It has been a staple drink for mankind since 4100b.c. Almost everyone can enjoy a good red or white wine and even the least refined pallets will notice the differences from different vineyards and different wine classes. For facts sakes, there are wines and there are wines. Have you heard that a bottle of wine is sold at a million naira, well my friends, it’s no joke. Without wasting your time, let’s have a sip of the world’s most expensive wines (in our minds sha).

  1. Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992 ($500,000)

Screaming Eagle wine bottle

The first wine on this list, the Screaming Eagle is reviewed as the most expensive wine in the world. Only 175 cases were produced, even less has been produced in successive years. The bottles were sold in up to six liters though so if you bought one, you were set for a good amount of time if you don’t rush yourself. Sold at an auction or by an exclusive mailing list, it was one of the rarer wines for such a new vintage. The last cases were sold at a charity auction in 2000 for a whopping sum of $500,000.

2. 1947 Cheval-Blanc ($304,000)


Cheval-Blanc wine bottle

Facing weather that was ruining their crops and damaging the winemaking process deep in their cellars, it was almost the ruin of Cheval-Blanc. Back in the day when no one had mastered refrigerated wine making, quite a few wine vats ended up with yeast going bad and the fermentation process stopped, resulting in a gross and sugary mess. Never did anyone  know that this bad luck was a blessing in disguise. The vats that survived made one of the best Bordeaux’s in the world according to wine tasters. This wine is unique because it shouldn’t have been as good as it is but somehow managed to become the wine others wish they could be. An unknown buyer purchased a bottle in Geneva for a whopping $304,000 at an auction. Bottles had previously sold for around $12,000 a bottle but with an ever diminishing supply, the price started to rise sharply. In 2008, a lucky buyer purchased a case for $146,000. At current prices, that would be a whopping 3.6 million dollars at current market value.

3. 1907 Heidsieck ($275,000)


Heidsieck wine bottle

During world war 1, a German U-boat fired upon a Swedish freighter stocked with spirits headed for the court of Tsar Nicholas II. The freighter, named “Jönköping” went down with zero casualties as the German’s in a stunning show of compassion, evacuated the crew before sinking it with a single torpedo. It lay in the gulf of Finland for 80 years before being raised in 1997. Less than 2,000 bottles were recovered and of those, less than 1,000 were still drinkable. Available at auction and at some of the fanciest hotels, it regularly sells still for $275,000.

4. Chateau Lafite ($232,692)


Chateau Lafite wine bottle

In 2010, a rare wine from Chateau Lafite was put up by Sotheby’s in China. Part of a 2000 bottle group from Lafite’s cellars, they were among the oldest bottles of wine in the auction. A vintage from 1869, the bottles had only been valued at $8,000 per bottle. Due to a bidding war that astounded even the auctioneers, the bottles were eventually sold for $232,692 each. The kicker is that they were all sold to the same person. The Anonymous Asian bidder paid just under a million dollars for the three bottles. When  you are a boss, you are surely the baddest!

5. Chateau Margaux ($225,000)


Chateau Margaux wine bottle

Chateau Margaux is still producing wines to this day. They’re known for good, expensive wines and their reputation in the wine industry is one of the best. With the average bottle costing at least $1,500, they’re definitely not something you’d pick up in a rush. Discovered in 1985, a bottle of 1875 Chateau Margaux Wine that belonged to Thomas Jefferson was discovered behind a wall in a Paris cellar. At a party with the then owners of the Chateau, he went home to show them the crown jewel of his collection that he’d personally valued at $512,000. Despite the high evaluation, the insurance company only paid out $225,000 for the ultra-rare bottle of wine.

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Written By Efe Ohworakpo

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