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The winged eyeliner look commonly referred to as the cat eye is always fabulous, as it goes with just about any makeover.

For a polished look and for when you need one signature makeup look to stand out, winged liner is the answer.

Winged eyeliner is ever chic and gorgeous and makes the ultimate fierce statement when done perfect.


The classic makeup look is playful, sleek and chic but can be a difficult beauty process to achieve for a first timer.

Some ladies prefer to get creative with tapes, bobby pins and more to get neat lines; these things may not come in handy all the time, missing out on the gorgeous detail the sultry winged liner can give.


The truth is there is no perfect technique to achieve the cat eye look, because there are all sorts of techniques people use to create a winged eye but I’m sure the steps stated below will go a long way in helping you achieve that winged liner look you desire.

Perfect the look in four super easy steps:


  1. Draw a thin slightly upward line outside the corner of the eye
  2. Draw a line from the top of the eyelid to meet the drawn line in Step 1
  3. Extend the liner to go all through the eyelid in s thin line (slightly thicker than the previous ones drawn in steps 1 and 2)
  4. Fill in/darken the space left with the line drawn to meet in steps 1 and 2


It is advised to always use a waterproof liquid liner pen because it’s easy to use and always produces beautiful results

Slay this winged eyeliner for that special event

Written By Ugochi Obiajunwa

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