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What’s Upsetting Me & My Home My Girls – the fact that men can cheat and for them it’s okay but once they get cheated on its world war 3.

So recently, a man came on Twitter and was talking about the fact that his wife cheated on him and he couldn’t believe she could do such a thing, and he was so disappointed and blah blah blah. Meanwhile, this same man had apparently cheated several times before, he said this himself. But for some reason, people chose to drag the woman and call her all sorts of names.

See when it comes to cheating, just like every other thing that relates to women, the treatment is unequal.  It seems as if it’s a bigger sin when women do it than when men do it, why? Why is it much worse for a woman to cheat than for a man to cheat? Some people say it’s because when women cheat, they also cheat emotionally. Meaning that when a woman sleeps with another man, it’s not just about sex, she also has an emotional attachment to him but when it comes to men, men just cheat physically, meaning that for them it’s all about sex and there are no emotions attached.

Honestly, I think that’s a whole load of bullshit. Women are very much capable of cheating without being emotionally attached, and men cheat with emotions too so please let’s cancel that thought. If you’re going to be offended about cheating, be offended without considering which gender did the cheating, period!

Can you believe that the man had the audacity to create a whole thread about how upset he was? And he was even trying to pass the thing off as a joke, but you could see that he was pained, the hypocrisy.

The whole point of this is, when it comes to cheating, let’s focus on the act and not on the gender that did it, okay? Okay.

By: Dammy Eneli

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