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By Omoye Uzamere

I went to see Wonder Woman in the cinemas and like everyone, I agreed that Gal Gadot is the easiest thing on the eyes and her innocence is endearing. 

There’s a naïveté about her – the way she sees the world, the way she trusts people, the way black and white are just that, to her character.

For Diana Prince, there is a clear demarcation between good and evil that rationalizing or justifying a bad act with a good intention does not pardon.

Watching the film, as cheesy as some of it was, there were a number of lessons I picked up that have changed the way I see things.

Background (for those of you who haven’t seen Wonder Woman): A young girl grows up in an Amazon community and isn’t allowed to fight or train until a certain point in her life. Still, she was led to believe she was an ordinary girl until she finds out, during an intense training session, that she has supernatural powers. (As though Amazons aren’t extra already… but that’s okay).

One night, as she tries to scale a huge gulf surrounding a gigantic castle, she slips and is plunging many feet to her death. As she gasps in desperation, she grasps for anything and suddenly, Missy’s bare fingers grab the wall, scratching it and even makes a dent, nay, a gash on the wall of the tower. She is shocked! Relieved. Excited at her new discovery. Then she easily makes her way up the tower, wedging her hands and feet in the wall, as the castle now appears to be made of Styrofoam.

Lesson one: People literally die when we don’t exercise our power.

Lesson two: Life is infinitely easier when we exercise our powers. Let’s call them “Gifts” at this point.

In one of the final scenes, Diana Prince is in a fight-to-the-death battle with Ares. By now she has found out that she is not only special, she is the god-killer (as only a god can kill another god, not the huge sword which she carried around London in such cumbersome fashion).

However, Ares beats her and he is set to kill her, as she refuses to join him in the quest for… you know the drill!

Diana can fight! But she is no match for big brother Ares and she will die – tonight. In the course of the fight (details are hazy), she experiences an epiphany of sorts and realizes that she has the exact same powers as her father Zeus and that she actually can beat Ares, because they are cut from the same cloth. That sudden realization of her potentials changes the way she battles and her fight is renewed. Eventually, she beats brother Ares and saves the world from doom and war.
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Lesson three: We are in the world and don’t realize who we are and how much power is available to us.

Lesson four: When we do, our tactics change dramatically.

Lesson five: We literally become a different person.

God is in control… Nah boo. God has left us in control. Genesis 1:28 – “be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it…” If God were in control, there would be no hunger, cancer, anger or war. It is our responsibility to make the difference and stop waiting for God to do it.

I think that if we had a shift in the way our minds work, we would be more responsible for the world that we have been put in charge of. This is not (strictly) about whether you’re a Christian or not. After all, even Bros Charles Darwin has pegged humans as the superior Accident of the Big Bang. So I believe we are all on the same page.

The word of God teaches us to speak the word to our situation, yet we say, “Lord, please protect me, please give me money, please give me a job; Healing Lord, please na”. There is so much more within us and our prayer should be “give me wisdom to know who I am in you, so that I can walk in your authority here and exercise it boldly.”

We have the creative qualities of God. This is a law of nature and one that God respects. Why do you think Dubai is so successful? It’s not about calling God, but about acting like you are a god yourself; knowing who we are and becoming that person. The results will show.

So, if we know our power as children of God, we will stop playing church and start showing real, selfless love. If we knew that our provision for the next day is not a problem, we would have no need to take advantage of the next man, be it the politician, the civil servant or private practitioner who needs kickbacks in order to sign that check, etc. (PS: There is absolutely no excuse for that rubbish).

Anyway, what started out as sharing my thoughts has become a rants episode. I’m just trying to say there’s a lesson in everything and discovering who you really are and what purpose you were created for is a life-changing-for-the-good event.

Let me take the rant back and contemplate my lessons from Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2… are you curious?

Omoye is our contributor and you can expect to read her content on Accelerate TV every two weeks.

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