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Written By Damilola Faustino

After job hunting for several months, you eventually got invited for an interview. There is no gainsaying that you have to arrive early, dress responsibly and appear confident. We all know all these. However, what many of us do not know is that we use some words we are not supposed to during the interview. These words can give you away as an amateur or greenhorn. In line with this, we share some of these words. Hence, never use them during interviews:


For example, you are asked about your last job and your response was amazing! The interviewers will be like why are you looking for another job when your last job was amazing? You may have lost the opportunity to get the job.  


Awesome just like amazing pass a message that you are very good at something. However, the interviewers will not take it that way. They will think why are you jobless if you are awesome? You should allow them to determine if you are awesome or not. Use more conservatives words like good.


You are not addressing your friends or your siblings to use whatever during an interview. It is a huge sin and you will be thrown out of the interview room because they are conducting serious business. They need serious and motivated individuals.


You were asked I see you really want to work with us. Your response was totally. This is wrong. Give a simple response like yes sir/ma and offer reasonable reasons.


You must be over excited to use the word freaking good during an interview! Freaking as a word is very vulgar and it is wrong to use it. It could be considered rude and disrespectful. Of course, you know how Nigerians detest such.


Are you the interviewer that you are using fantastic? Leave it for them. If you are fantastic or your C.V. is, you should keep it to yourself and allow them decide.

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