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Malaria is so commonplace in Nigeria that once your temperature starts boiling, everyone goes “Oh it’s malaria” and you pop some pills and you’re fine. Not to burst your bubble, but did you know that there were an estimated 429 000 malaria deaths in 2015 in Africa, according to the WHO?


That’s why it is important to prevent the illness, rather than cure it. Here are 5 very basic ways to prevent the African illness:

water stagnant

  1. Get rid of stagnant water around

This explains itself. Mosquito eggs develop from stagnant water so check the drainage systems around you, make sure they are clean and not blocked by waste. basically, clean your surroundings properly and always cross check.

mosquito net

2. Mosquito Net

Get a well treated mosquito net to protect you from the stubborn mosquitoes buzzing in your ears at night. It even makes your sleep better when you don’t have to listen to buzzes from the mosquitoes or slap yourself, trying to kill them all night.  air conditioner

3. Get an air conditioner

I don’t know who else has noticed that mosquitoes are quite repellant to cold. Once you turn on your air conditioner, the mosquitoes seem to vanish or hide. But the downside is that once power goes out, they come out with a vengeance.


4. Insecticide

This is Nigeria. If you do not purchase an insecticide at least once every month, then you must be toying with malaria. Spray your room and keep the doors shut to keep mosquitoes away.

anti malaria

5. Antimalaria

On the medications side, you could pop an anti malaria periodically and the parasite won’t have much effect on you.

Written by Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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