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Universal Music Group artist WurlD is no stranger to dope collaborations. He has written songs for international superstars like RnB singer Mario and American rapper and producer Timberland. He has also collaborated with Polish disc jockey DJ Gromee, Nigeria’s very own fire producer Shizzi, and Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire, to name a few. But the question we all want answered is… who was his favorite artist to work with? Keep scrolling to read about some of WurlD’s most iconic team ups as we go through his five favorite collaborations!

WurlD x DJ Gromee ‘Follow You’

WurlD collaborated with DJ Gromee, a Polish disc jockey, on a number of songs. The two musicians were a match made in music heaven, because their song ‘Follow You’ went Certified Gold and was insanely popular in Eastern Europe.
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WurlD x Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire, ‘Show You Off’  (prod. By Shizzi)

WurlD cites this musical collaboration as the track that created the foundation of his musical vision. The singer met renowned Nigerian producer Shizzi through a friend. When they linked up, Shizzi played WurlD the beat for ‘Show You Off’. The singer loved it and created the song in a week. After that, another friend shared the song with Walshy Fire (one of three members of Major Lazer). Walshy Fire heard it, loved it, and finished it up, and after its release the song was everywhere. It gained massive popularity across new audiences for WurlD, expanding his musical reach across the world. After this song, WurlD began diversifying his sound and expanding his music beyond his usual electronic-sounding, house music that is typically played by DJs.

Sarz x WurlD ‘Trobul’

WurlD worked with popular Nigerian producer Sarz on the song ‘Trobul’. The popular track is the lead single on their much anticipated upcoming collaborative EP of the same name. WurlD noted, “working on this project so far has been fun. We wanted to add new elements to Afro-inspired music, and I think we achieve that. This has been one of the most natural musical partnerships, and you hear that in the music.”

DJ Gromee ft WurlD and Devon Terrell ‘Love Me Now’

WurlD and DJ Gromee have made a lot of music together over the years, and they still do. ‘Love Me Now’ is the duo’s most recent musical collaboration. Since it’s release earlier this year, the song has already gained almost 600,000 YouTube views. WurlD commented,  “I have always enjoyed working with DJ Gromee. Over the years, working with him has allowed me to really open up my craft, and make music for different demographics.”

Davido ft Chris Brown ‘Blow My Mind’

You may not know this, but WurlD actually co-wrote Davido’s new hit song with American superstar Chris Brown ‘Blow My Mind’. The song was produced by Davido’s long time collaborating producer Shizzi, which makes sense because WurlD and Shizzi go way back as well… all the way back to the song ‘Show You Off’ listed at number 2.

What do you think WurlD’s best collaboration was? Check out these songs and let us know in the comment section!

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