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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

The head of Police Complaint Rapid Response Unit ACP Yomi Shogunle has been under fire from social media following a tweet he made on Thursday.


Shogunle tweeted: “186 million Retweets to . Oya let’s go!,”possibly mocking the #ENDSars protests as Shogunle had always criticised the protest, saying criminals are the ones pushing for it.

Abayomi Shogunle@YomiShogunle

186 million Retweets to #EndSARS.
Oya let’s go!

However, among those criticising the Security officer for his tweet is singer YCee, who called him a “hot pile of trash” for making the statement.

YCee wrote:

“You’re a hot pile of trash I pray God blesses you with long life to see an effective Nigerian police force without the likes of officers like you Sir 🙏🏽

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