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Yemi Alade is fierce and beautiful on her cover of Guardian Life Magazine. Gearing up for the release of her fifth album, named ‘Woman of Steel’, the singer talks about her love for language, music and more.


“Music is the language that I have fallen so in love with, it is like a therapy to me, not only work. It is still benefiting the lives of people around me and that gives me so much joy,” she says, noting that it “joins all of her life’s pieces together.”

“Touring the different parts of the world with my live band (the Oversabi band) for years – Canada, America, Africa- has opened my eyes to the Geography – the practical side of it.”

“My mum speaks over seven languages and I guess I got it from her. I decided to task myself, I wanted to feel the oneness that comes with walking up to someone and speaking their dialect. It was my way of saying thank you for loving me even when you don’t know what I am saying or know my language, she says.


“Doing this has just made me a happier person and I do know that the people on the receiving end are happy about it and that makes my world around,” she says, giggling.

“I actually look up to Beyoncé literally, but there can never be another her. We all need to focus on being a better version of ourselves instead of being another version of someone else, I think there is more growth in that. I am in no way trying to downplay the greatness of the above mentioned (Beyoncé) or the unmentioned. I am okay with being Yemi Alade, [in fact] I am so happy with being Yemi Alade because we are two amazing females representing the world of music. I have no hard feelings because I know that this [question] is because one of my sisters called me “African Beyonce.” It did not come from a pained place o and I am not having issues with my sister o, make una no go coin problem from another place o. We dey kampe well well,” she concluded in pidgin.


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