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One of Nigeria’s biggest export and artistes, Yemi Alade served up some of her best-kept beauty secrets and I’m here to ensure we are all in the know.
Beauty Secret 1
Yemi is a lover of soaps 
‘I always feel good when I have my soap on my face.
I feel like nature’s doing something to me that I love.’

Most especially charcoal soap

” The soaps I like to use,
they are made for me at home.
For my face, I like to use this black soap.
It’s made from charcoal, and some other really nice things
are good for the face.”
Gushing about the actual impact of soap on her face Yemi exclaims;
‘Oh, do you see how fresh I’m looking…all of a sudden just like that?
God bless you charcoal soap.’
Beauty Secret 2
When it comes to Moisturizing, Yemi keeps it organic
‘Moisturizing, my go-to for moisturizing my face…
beauty secret
You won’t believe it, coconut oil!’
Yemi advises you to apply the coconut oil by tapping it in an upwards motion, much like a facelift.
As for areas to avoid, she says;
‘I just put very little around my nose,
especially…The T-Zone’s quite oily.
One secret area to remember when moisturizing
‘Your eyelids, …cause they deserve
the love as well.’

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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