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By @whoistunde

Remy Baggins and Eri Ife just dropped their collaboration EP, Yllw and if you’re wondering who these guys are, let me just make it plain and simple, they are the future of alternative music in Nigeria. The Yllw EP is a 5-Track EP produced, mix and mastered by Remy Baggins. Both these guys already have bodies of work under their belt and their projects are really good if I do say so myself. Remy Baggins is a singer, rapper, songwriter and producer. While Eri Ife is a former rapper who now does R&B and Alternative music Yllw

Let’s get into the rrack by track review


Yeah is the introductory track of the EP. If you check under the dictionary for the definition of ‘wavy’, Yeah is what you get. Remy Baggins introduces himself as the Warri boy and Eri Ife as omo Ibadan. The guitars and Eri Ife’s vocal combo are to die for on this jam.

B’ori Pe

First thing you notice is the transition from Yeah to B’ori Pe, it’s so seamless. I Didn’t even know I was listening to the second song on my first listen. What most upcoming artists go through in real life is highlighted on this song that is the dilemma between going to school and doing music. Both artist didn’t even miss a bit on this song.

Bastein’s Interlude

The only track not produced by Remy. It felt out of place for me and different from the first two tracks. Didn’t really go back to it.

My City ft. Bryan the Mensah

One Lagos guy, an Ibadan and one Ghanaian guy came together on a track and the result you get is a vibe. Remy talks about Lagos, the butter part lol, Eri Ife takes you through Ibadan and Bryan wants to convert you to a Ghanaian Jollof lover. Easily my favourite song.


So yllw stands for yellow and that’s exactly what you get when you listen to song, some sunshine, lemon vicks, mtn recharge card everything-yellow type vibe. This is feel-good song at the best with good lyrics to back it up.

Final words: This will probably go down as one of those dope projects that wont get a lot of attention because these artists are not mainstream yet. But I doubt you’ll hear a more sonically cohesive feel-good project this year


Get the Yllw EP HERE

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