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Amazon and Oscar De La Renta have joined forces to introduce a novel luxury designer store for users of the mobile app.

Amazon has already secured its position in the world as the global online retailer for a magnitude of products from clothes, wigs, beauty supplies, to household items, appliances, tools, books, etc.

in addition to this, Amazon has carved a niche in the entertainment sector as a host and provider of shows and movies courtesy AMAZON prime.

all achieved without even one physical outlet.

within the last 5 years, Amazon has taken fashion and retail close to heart and the luxury e-store plan  was always A gateway

but once fashion sales began plummeting in  April 2020 Following the pandemic-induced recession,

le monde de la mode needed a saviour.

This new Amazon luxury store supported by Oscar de la renta is a sign that help is here and may even go further to dispel the perilous exclusivity the fashion world thrives on.

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono 

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