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Written by Chinenye Onukwubiri

Moving from a different country to another can be very overwhelming because you’re going from something you know to something you don’t know about, which is quite scary.

For me, the move was hard. I tried to understand my place and where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do with this move and what this move meant to me.

It took me a while to grasp the concept of moving from your country to another country. It affects you as a person, the way you think, react to things. The things you have to learn to adapt to in the country. It’s a very big impact in a person’s life which can make or mar them

Starting school is a whole different ball game entirely. Your name changes, you get called different things that aren’t even similar to the name you were given.

It is very odd being the African kid in a class filled with white people. But you ignore it and carry on with your day, which at times can be hard. Sometimes when you speak, you get stared at or laughed at for your weird accent; or sometimes they are interested and want to know more but it’s not always like that.

Sometimes moving from one country isn’t always as exciting and joyful as they make it seem. It is hard and no one is willing to make that change or go the extra mile to make things easier for you.
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Making friends is another situation, because everyone already has a friend of their own. So you are left alone, feeling like an outsider, but when you do get friends, it’s much easier for you to cope with the difficulties around you.

It’s never going to be easy dealing with school friend’s family and trying to also juggle important stuff but you have to make do with what you have.

As a foreigner in America you’ll fall before you rise. But when you rise, then, your journey has really begun.

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