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Nigerians like to eat… With all our carb loaded meals and oil based delicacies, you would think by now, in the year 2016, we would all have a better idea of what it is we are eating and what our food is actually doing to our bodies. But just like tales by moonlight, it turns out what we think we know about our favourite foods are actually tales of fiction.

naija food

 What You Think: Drinking raw eggs is good for body building

So you are thinking about joining the gym and have been watching rocky to psyche yourself up. Then you see him drinking raw eggs in one of the many montages and think…. “Hmm, rocky did win so he must know what he’s doing”. Besides, drinking raw eggs takes the stress out of cooking them and gives me all the protein in one fell swoop.

 raw-eggs rocky

Think again:

That was just a movie people! Drinking raw eggs is not the answer to getting a chiselled bod. Drinking them raw actually is less healthy than firing up the frying pan and making a tasty omelette. Just like when you cook veggies, when cooked it gives your body less work to do when trying to digest the cooked eggs.

Egg for breakfast in the countryside

“Sometimes a fry up is the only way to go.”

So no, don’t do like rocky did. Think Again…..

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