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By Titi Gambit

Sometimes a person walks into the same room you’re in and you find yourself sneezing continuously, or you find rashes on your skin, especially after perceiving their perfume. This might mean you are disturbed by fragrance. If you’re one of the many people that feel ill when exposed to fragrances, here’s what to do:


  1. It is advisable for you to opt for fragrance-free varieties of all your personal care items, or at least choose products that don’t contain synthetic fragrance.
  2. You should also inform your family members and friends, especially your co-workers, who wear perfumes that upset your system that you’re reacting to the chemicals in their perfume/cologne, etc.
  3. Do this politely for a positive result; however, if they refuse to oblige, continue to tell them politely until they do.
  4. Read them the side effects of wearing perfumes.
  5. Use natural based products. More often than not, these do not contain fragrance, especially things like olive oil, vinegar, shea butter, etc.
  6. Visit a beautician and ask for health advice on how to control your reaction to fragrance.

This is for health reasons, so please do not joke with your health. Some people don’t know when they are reactive to fragrance, but if you find yourself sneezing a lot when someone wearing a perfume is close to you, or you find reactions on your body often, then you react to fragrance and should see a doctor asap.

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