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Written By Damilola Faustino

The antibacterial label on most bar soaps and liquids have misled many users to believe that it will keep them healthier and protect them against germs and bacteria. So, it would seem logical that bathing and washing with antibacterial soap would do a better job. This is not actually true as they can be dangerous to your health. Here are reasons why you should stop using antibacterial soaps:

It is no more effective than regular soap

There is no difference between using antibacterial soap and regular soap. Both keep the body clean and it ends there.

Makes skin dry

Another reason to avoid using antibacterial soap is that it makes your skin dry. In fact, people who already have dry skin should stay away from such soaps. The powerful antibacterial agent in the soap, triclosan, rids the skin of its hydrating oil. This results in dry skin with symptoms including mild itching, redness and irritation.

Overuse of antibacterial soaps may lead to bacterial resistant

The more you use antibacterial soaps, the more likely it is that the bacteria they are meant to kill will develop resistance. This has made many bacterial infections difficult to treat. Hence, reduce the use of these kinds of soap.

It won’t help prevent infections caused by viruses

You may think that because it is named antibacterial soap, you may think it kills viruses. No, it doesn’t.

It increases risk of allergies

You may have noticed that those who use antibacterial soaps are more susceptible to allergies. No thanks to the triclosan commonly found in antibacterial products. This causes mutations, which may lead to food allergies.

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