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By Damilola Faustino

Many people are very busy making money but they do not have the time to acquire a new skill or learn something. Unlike money, every minute that goes by is another you can never get back. You have to maximize the time you have each day to focus on what will improve the quality of your life, like learning a new skill, reading a book, etc. While the benefits of learning a new skill are clear, the main problem you have is finding the time in your busy schedule to learn something new in the first place. Don’t give up on your dreams to learn new things. Here’s how you can find more time in your schedule to learn something new:

busy scedule

Schedule time for education without distraction

There is a lot of distraction around you that you can easily get carried away at the tap of a finger. Turn off your phone. Close your email. Shut your door, and put up a Do Not Disturb sign if you can. Tell your friends and family that you’re studying and insist that they do not interrupt you until a specific time (unless there is an emergency of course). If you have to, put on some headphones to drown out distracting noise, don’t hesitate to do so.

Know how to work productively

There is no right or wrong way to study. If you’re most productive in the morning, get up early and study for an hour before work. If you’re most productive in the afternoon or evening, then you should try to study then. Do what works best for you and ignore what everyone else tells you.

Stay organised

Being organised is a problem area for many people, but with careful planning and a commitment to not only get organised but also to stay organised, you can recoup hours every week you have lost. Use a calendar to schedule your activities and ensure you return every item to the spot you took them to ensure you can easily find them.

Get support

It’s hard to educate yourself without some kind of support. You need the support of your friends and family, and if possible, you need the support of your coworkers and boss. Your schedule is going to be very busy as you’re learning, so you need to set their expectations at the very beginning.

Use the resources available to you

There are more ways to learn than from a book. In fact, many digital learning tools provide a variety of ways that you can learn. Review the opportunities for self-learning available to you and find one that offers the flexibility you need. You don’t have to sit in a live training class for eight straight hours in a day. Today, there are simply too many options to settle for something that’s not perfect for you.

Use unimportant free times 

Are there spare times in your day, where you simply do nothing or time-wasting tasks? Perhaps you find yourself going on social media in the late afternoon every day, or checking email more than 5 times per day. We all have them. You can use these time to learn something new.

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