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Your mobile phone is one thing you cannot do without. We have in some ways or another programmed our being to our mobile phones. We work with it, we take notes, make reminders and keep memories. It’s wise to pay proper attention and care to our mobile devices. Here are some tips you should adhere to:

Get a case for the phone – It one logical to get a protective cover for your mobile devices as they are made with materials that can easily damage. Get a cover that will serve the purpose of protecting your mobile devices.


Protect The Screen – Mobile devices now come with high sophistication these days. They are sometimes designed with glass on both sides. It is very important to get a screen protector to avoid cracks and greasy surfaces.


Battery Life Span – It is important to know that no matter the amount of money you spend on purchasing your mobile, it is actually not built to serve you forever. You should know your mobile phone battery lifespan. Know when it should be replaced and when to trash it. Charge only when it is below 20%. Do not charge over night. Once the battery is full, unplug the charger from the power source.


Keep In A Safe Place –  It is a bad habit to keep your mobile phones under your pillow. Do not charge your mobile devices near your bed or on your bed. Keep your mobile devices on a shelf or in a drawer. Place it somewhere far where it cannot fall off. Do not place your phone on the floor. Please stop it if you are guilty.


Avoid Heat and Moisture – Just like every electrical gadget, your mobile phones can overheat too. How do you detect this? Remove the cover, and feel the temperature (especially from the battery side). If it’s above normal, turn off your mobile phone for a long while. Also, avoid placing your phones on wet surfaces, handling the phone with wet hands and picking calls in the bathroom or when it is raining.


Keep it Clean – There are times we handle our phones with greasy hands. Sometimes, there are dust particles beneath the phone covers. Have a day set aside to clean your mobile phones with tissue papers or a dry clean material.


It’s important to know the proper care for your mobile devices as they in a way tell people who you are. Don’t give us the rough, lousy and nonchalant perspective of your being. We surely want to see the neat, calculated and soft side of you.

Written by Efe Ohworakpo


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