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Ladies and gentlemen, Valentine’s Day is over. Predictably, you had such a good time with your boo that you wished valentine was every day. Sorry, it isn’t. Now, it’s the time to return to the status quo or the usual trend of your relationship.



But wait a second, which of the status quo do you want to return to? The pre-valentine one or the valentine relationship? Sure you prefer the ‘Val relationship’ where you express your heartfelt feelings.

The mistake many people in relationships make is that they heap so much importance on Valentine’s Day that they forget it was going to end.

For them, it is the only time they are privileged to hang out with their lovers, while for others it is a good time to romp up.

Obviously, they know that there are issues in the relationship.

For example, lack of communication, the absence of trust and not spending quality time together, among others persist in the relationship, but they keep enduring, because of Valentine’s day and they prefer to remain blind to them.

Such a relationship, after Valentine’s Day, will lack all the romance, charm and warmth they experienced during the celebration.

The only thing left here is, “who is going to take the first step to breaking up the relationship?”

Dear readers, please, let us understand that the essence of Valentine is to celebrate love. Nevertheless, it should also be a chance for both lovers to talk about their relationship.

Being able to do this will no doubt go a long way in determining the future outlook of your relationship after Val.

Any damaged relationship can be repaired, because it takes two committed individuals to make any relationship work.

So, do not allow your romantic and sweet love life to evaporate with Valentine. You can transfer it to your everyday love life because love is meant to be celebrated daily.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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