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When life hits hard, it’s great to know that you can fall back on humour to get you smiling again. We have our crazy YouTube vloggers to thank for this, making fun of those issues that get us worked up in the first place.

We’re shining the spotlight on eight of our favourites this week. Stay tuned for some pure comic foolishness!

1. Chescaleigh: What’s there not to love about Chesca? Her hilarious impersonations and sarcastic remarks keep us glued to her channel even six years after her launch. From sharing Sh** White Girls Say to Racist Relative Comebacks, she’s never afraid to be as blunt as possible, saying things we only dream to voice out.


2. Don’t Jealous Me: “Shett mehn!” The catchphrase of life really. We’ve kind of mentioned T-boy already in a previous post on funny Instagram comedians (check it out if you haven’t yet).  Guess we’ve got some serious love for this London Boy and that’s why he is on here again. Long before the skits on Immigration and Facebook Dates among other things, there was this vexed guy he used to vent to his webcam.



3. Fred Frigglehorn: Oh Fred… Where do we begin to describe this young man and his crazy antics? Some of his videos score over 20 million views EACH.. vlog commentaries, music videos and skits alike. Topics are as ridiculous as they come too.. Don’t Forget to Brush your Teeth, I Waana Be a Celebrity and Fred Babysits a Psycho. Just to name a few.


4. Toke Makinwa: We weren’t exactly sure whether to include Toke in this post. It’s not like she’s a comedienne on purpose exactly… but the babe’s jokes crack us up. “Are you a learner?” Thanks for dishing life’s truths in a funny way, girl.


5. The Ngee Show: No funny YouTuber list would be complete without the queen bee herself, Ngee. Her no-nonsense take on everyday issues always crack us up, funny faces included.


6. Shane Dawson: Shane is a famous American entertainer with a huge fanbase, all thanks to his crazy videos on YouTube.  Fans follow the adventures of characters, Shanaynay, Ned the Nerd, S. Deezy, and Aunt Hilda among others. When he’s not busy in pretend world, he’s dishing out bants on Ask Shane Mondays and Shane With Friends.


7. B Scott: Ever heard of B Scott? About five years back, the self-described diva ruled YouTube with extremely funny commentaries on the latest pop culture news. Today, B’s a bit too busy for that, working as an Ebony Magazine columnist among other things. Check out past video archives though.


8. Akah Bantz: Akah Nnani a.k.a. Akah Bantz is a multitalented personality with a fun vlog that’s young but still going strong. He discusses current topics in Naija pop culture and. No holds barred as he goes “in”, throwing some shade on celebrities sometimes in the process.

Did we miss your favourite? Let us know below.