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Zara Releases Bag Collection For Summer

By Eromosele Patrick Eidusi

More like the decisions we all make on vacation, summer fashion purchases typically happen on a whim. They are usually, for better or worse, playful, lowkey, impractical, and most importantly, fun, colorful choices you may or may not regret, depending on your investment-level. For both situations, I suggest you go with a hot pick with low-commitment value.

Thankfully Zara, with their latest crop handbag, is here to help you with that seasonal purchase. From mother of pearl acrylic box bags to rainbow clutches, brand if bringing you everything you may want to carry with prices that don’t pull at beaded purse strings. My favorite of the crazy cute bags on deck:

These are bags you can pretend you found at a locals only flea market:

Wicker Handbag.

Wicker Handbag

A Fun carryall that fits an extra sundress for the morning after

Multicolored Braided Bucket Bag.

Multicolored Braided Bucket Bag

The dinner-to-going-out bag you wouldn’t mind losing at a club.

Mini Mother of Pearl Effect Tote Bag.

Mini Mother of Pearl Effect Tote Bag

A black beach bag for the person who knows Goth is life.

Half-Moon Handbag.

Half-Moon Handbag

The clutch that makes you feel and act like Rihanna in Work.

Multicolored Braided Clutch.

Multicolored Braided Clutch

You can shop more of these bags on Zara.com

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