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Zari Hassan just welcomed her second child, Prince Nillan with Tanzanian mega star Diamond Platnumz. While the couple look adorable together, Zari confessed how challenging it is for her taking care of Nillan and Princess Tiffah especially with Diamond away on tour, leaving her solo in the house.


diamond zari

She wrote,

With all the help in this house from the maids & grannies I still stay up with my son till he sleeps. It’s hard work being a mom usually with less or no sleep at all but hey, it’s the most beautiful thing ever. Some prolly think ‘arrghh she sleeps and lets her nanny do the work’. Wrong, I stay up all night every other day. What a job????!!! Just a Lil motivation for other moms. Ur not alone???? & you, rock coz late nights ain’t for the weak????




So apparently Zari still wakes up and handles her business and isn’t bothere about the late nights. She continued her candid views on motherhood by saying;

We all have the same 24hours- it’s what you do with them that determines everything…. #MomPrenuer.”


zari diamond


Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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