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In another bold move, star actress, Zendaya has made it to the cover of Vogue for their June issue.


The ‘Euphoria’ actress talks about what it felt like playing the role of a troubled, drug abusive teen in the film, despite being averagely grounded all her life.

More than that, Zendaya expresses her love for black people and awareness of issues relating to the race.


At one point, she turns over an unframed portrait of a black man above her fireplace to reveal the mug shot of firebrand academic Angela Davis collaged on its opposite side. “A friend of Law’s made it,” she explains, referring to her longtime stylist Law Roach. “I definitely want more work by young black artists,” she adds, gesturing at the house’s empty walls. “And yeah, maybe I wouldn’t mind playing Angela Davis in a movie one day.” She turns the painting back over, with a wink.


These days, Zendaya says she’s taking a particular interest in issues around gentrification. She’s seen it firsthand, watching her grandmother nearly get priced out of her house in Oakland. “I keep thinking, Is there a way I can help with this, through art?” she asks. “I mean, obviously, I’ve got a platform”— about 55 million people follow Zendaya on Instagram—“but I also know, don’t just post whatever. You’ve got to listen to people. Talking is important. But walking the talk is important, too.”

Meanwhile, she looked absolutely fabulous in all of the outfits she wore for the cover shoot.

See photos below:

zendaya-vogue-cover  zendaya-vogue-cover zendaya-vogue-cover

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