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Nigerian actor Osas Ighodaro was hit with the reality of malaria when her pregnant sister got severely sick and was unable to overcome it. Prior to this, Osas had never had to face the true reality of a disease that continues to kill a child every two minutes.

“My sister passed away from malaria back in 2006 and it’s a devastating thing to go through… I didn’t know what malaria was, even though I’m Nigerian and my fellow Nigerians, and my fellow Africans they go through it every single day.”

Osas points out people often do not take malaria seriously enough — despite 400,000 people dying and 24 million children suffering from the short and long term consequences of malaria every year.

“Unfortunately, we look at it as the common cold, like it’s not that serious. But it’s a very very serious issue.”

In her sister’s memory, Osas is determined to make sure malaria is taken seriously by the public and world leaders. By uniting we can drive action, innovation and get the funding we need to achieve Zero Malaria within our lifetimes.

“It’s all about eliminating malaria, and when it comes to that issue I’m always going to be there, I’m always going to be with the fight against malaria… I use the thoughts and the memory of my sister to push forward.”


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Osas understands the importance of people power, by joining the Draw The Line campaign she is hoping to inspire a new generation to drive unstoppable action so we can all live in a zero malaria world. She doesn’t want to have anyone left behind, suffering like her sister had to. 

“This is a human problem and the fact that we’re all coming together year after year to help eradicate malaria… it’s inspiring and if we’re able to inspire the youth to continue the work then I know that we’re doing a great job. It’s to never give up and just keep going… I fully believe it in my heart: malaria will be no more.”

If we join together, we are unstoppable — even against one of the world’s oldest, deadliest diseases. If you want to be part of the generation calling on world leaders to end malaria, join Osas and Draw The Line Against Malaria today. 


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