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Gareth Bale has been criticised in Spain following Wales’ Euro 2020 win over Hungary, when he was pictured with a flag saying “Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order”.

But Real Madrid manager Zidane has swept the issue under the rug.

“Things can happen outside but we have to look inside the club. What happens outside doesn’t bother us,” he said.

“I have spoken to Gareth like I do all players, every day we say hello and we talk if we pass in the club and that’s it.

“I am not interested in talking about what happened outside. He is OK and has trained normally with us and that is that.

“He is a player who has given lots to the club and I will look only at the sport, not what they say outside because there is a lot said and I am not here for that.

“I am not interested. It interests a lot of people but not me.” were his quotes.


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